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Leather Kilts

6-7 yards of 2.5oz buttery, soft leather (or 1 and ½ cow hides) goes into every leather RKilt, the ultimate experience in custom wear.

Elegant, rugged, chic, tough, sleek, urban, resilient, rustic; Chameleon for all occasions

Colours: black, brown,  British tan, bronze, green, eggplant, burgundy and custom colours




Black Leather R Kilts Front Black Leather R Kilts Left Black Leather R Kilts Back Black Leather R Kilts Right


Brown Leather RKilt Front Brown Leather RKilt Left Brown Leather RKilt Back Brown Leather RKilt Right

British Tan

British Tan Leather RKilts Front British Tan Leather RKilts Left British Tan Leather RKilts Back British Tan Leather RKilts Right


Bronze Leather RKilts Front Bronze Leather RKilts Left Bronze Leather RKilts Back Bronze Leather RKilts Right


Green Leather RKilts Front Green Leather RKilts Left Green Leather RKilts Back Green Leather RKilts Right


Eggplant Leather RKilts Front Eggplant Leather RKilts Left Eggplant Leather RKilts Back Eggplant Leather RKilts Right

Custom Colours


Burgundy Leather RKilts

With and without pockets

With Pockets

Leather RKilts Front With Pocket Leather RKilts Left With Pocket Leather RKilts Back With Pocket Leather RKilts Right With Pocket

Without Pockets

Leather RKilts Front Without Pocket Leather RKilts Left Without Pocket Leather RKilts Back Without Pocket Leather RKilts Right Without Pocket

Customize your kilt by choosing the strap and hardware colours.

Strap Colours

Hardware Colours


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New Leather Kilt-Mach V

click here for more Mach V photos in hemp and leather

Introducing the "Mach V" available May 15th 2008

In celebration of 5 years of business, RKilts is launching a new design.
The MachV is a traditional design, 5 yard three buckle kilt, featuring a full over apron, under apron and symmetrical pleating. This kilt is available in all fabric choices from hemp to leather.

Standard features:
1.5" waistband with  2" belt loops
Removable dog clip

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Leather Mach V Rkilts Front Leather Mach V Rkilts Left Leather Mach V Rkilts Back Leather Mach V Rkilts Right Leather Mach V Rkilts Sporran