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Happenings at the RKilts Atellier

January 12, 2013

Building inventory

It may be January, but I’m getting ready for the summer season. I will be doing more festivals this summer, so I will be offering off the rack kilts.
Here is a sample of the style.

It’s a simple cargo kilt with snap closure with two cargo pockets. I will have a few in camo, but mostly they will be available in hemp or cotton. Colours will be announced later.

The will be available in Standard waist sizes from 32″ up to 50″ waists of either 22″ or 24″ length.
I shall keep you posted on the details as I’m building them now in between other orders.

Happenings at the RKilts Atellier

October 31, 2012

Sporran (with no name)

For those who need to take a lot of stuff with them whilst kilted, and in an organized manner. I have created a sporran (with no name).

This is similar to the “Festival” sporran however there is MORE. It features four compartments.

There is one near the front, the main body and a pocket on the inside back.

There is also one on the flap

Tassels for that traditional look.

The double gusset can expand to 3″ and collapse down to an inch.

The magnetic closure allows you to close the sporran with a single hand, no fuss, no muss.
An excellent value at $79.95, sporran belt extra
A name for this sporran will be coming soon.

Happenings at the RKilts Atellier

October 18, 2012

An Unbeleivable Price!!! all leather sporran for $49.95

It has come to my attention that kilt wearers are looking for a good day sporran made from quality materials and an affordable price. A bonus would be if it were made in Canada. I think you will be pleased with this product.
Introducing the “Festival” Sporran.

This is made from genuine cowhide leather. Features a magnetic closure, and a decorative Celtic design button.
RKilts has a special introductory offer. $49.95 until Christmas, after that it will sell for $53.95.
This sporran is best mated with a solid sporran belt, and I have an economy belt for $8.95, when you order your sporran with this belt you will receive a further $2.00 discount at checkout.

A Bonus for the first 11 people who order the sporran, you will receive the economy sporran belt for free.
You must order the bundle sporran and belt and enter the word FESTIVAL (all caps) in the discount coupon section ( you do this after you choose shipping method). be sure to include your waist size with the order.
Here is a link to a review from a customer who purchased a prototype.


Happenings at the RKilts Atellier

June 11, 2012

Exciting News

I’m expanding! By the middle of August, I should be up and running in a new larger facility. The new space is 2200 sq.ft. (I’m currently operating in 300 sq.ft)

This means all my machinery will fit into one large room, thus making me more efficient. The show room will be much larger as well.
I will continue to build kilts out of hemp and leather and of course tweed. I’ve also have had a big demand for tartan kilts too. Highland wear will also be offered in the future.
I will continue with my distinct line of leather bags, sporrans and satchels.
This move means I will be giving up my storefront on York Street. I will miss the ambiance and the fine retailers that are on the street.
The new location is 390 Douro Street and it is next to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival warehouse.
More pictures to follow as I begin filling up the space.
In the meantime I’m gearing up for the Embro, Glengarry, and Fergus Highland games.

Happenings at the RKilts Atellier

April 30, 2012

A Comparison

I just completed a hemp blue jean RKIlt and I thought it would be good to compare it to a similar utility kilt that is currently flooding the market.

On the left is the RKilt and on the right is an East Asian product. The RKilt is made from 13 oz hemp cloth whilst the Asian is made from 8 oz cotton. Hemp fabric is a stronger fiber, the original blue jeans used to be made from hemp, however the cloth is more durable and doesn’t have to be replaced as often as a garment made from cotton.
The Asian kilt uses just under 4 yds of material, the RKilt is just under 7 yds.

You will also notice that the RKilt has 22 pleats (16 across the back) the Asian has 14 (10 across the back) More pleats give you a better swish factor and less wrinkling.
The pleat width on the Asian model is not consistent and varies in width by a couple of centimetres. The RKilt has a full under apron the other is only about 2/3rds the width.
The RKilt uses a traditional closure by the use of buckles and straps. The straps are made from 8/10oz bridal leather (straps on traditional kilts use 4/6oz leather
The straps on the Asian kilt are made with cloth and are purely decorative, whereas the RKilt have a function and attach to quality roller buckles The button hole for the inner strap to go through is reenforced with leather
Pockets on the RKilt are reenforced with rivets at stress points The Asian kilts are just sewn onto the kilt and don’t have rivets at the stress point nor does it have an interior pocket that is ideal for a smart phone
The Asian kilts are off the rack come only in standard lengths, waist and hip sizes. The RKilt is custom made, so it is the proper length, waist and hip size to fit the person.
True there is a price difference, but when you compare the overall features of the RKilt, workmanship, qualities of materials used The RKilt comes on top. I hope this helps when you choose your next utility style kilt.